Rental Policies

Dear Guests,

o All homes require a 40% down payment that is nonrefundable. The balance is due 45 days before check-in unless you get approval by management. Failure to pay balances due can result in management trying to place other guests in your home for your dates. You can lose all money collected up to that point. All cancellations will incur a minimum fee of $375.

o Once monies are collected there are NO refunds! This refers to down payments and any other monies collected.

o Check-in is at 4:00 PM, checkout is at 10:00 AM sharp. There is a $100/ hour charge for late checkouts. We do our very best to provide check-ins by 4:00 PM, but in some situations we may be running a little late. We always do our best to have the property ready by 4:00 PM.

o The Damage Deposit for ALL homes is $700 for families over 25 years of age and $900 for younger groups (EX. Spring Break/Senior Trips) and can take up to 30 days for you to see the credit back on your card. Some repairs/replacement of certain items or damages may take some time to determine the actual cost. We will make our best effort to determine these costs in a timely manner. Deposits are in addition to the other invoiced costs.

o The contract between guest and management company establishes:

  1. Guest is responsible for 100% of invoiced dollar amount.
  2. Binds management company to deliver said property to guest.
  3. Guest May Not dispute any of the original invoiced rental fees including lodging rate, cleaning fees, or any other fees invoiced and including all taxes showing on invoice with their credit card company.
  4. Guest Does have the right to dispute any amounts due resulting from damages or extra charges incurred, however it is the guests responsibility to pay for all damages and extra charges that result from not following these rules and causing damage.

o Guest also gives permission for damages to be charged on the credit card that we have on file. Any damages found during the stay Must Be Paid for in Full at time of discovery. These charges are not deducted from the deposit on file.

o There may be unforeseen circumstances that make the beach home contracted for unavailable. If this unlikely event occurs, management will make every effort to move guest to another property. Guest agrees to NOT hold Ben’s Beach Homes/ liable for such events. There are events that can just not be predicted (EX. – flood, fire, etc).

o Unless we discuss it upfront and you have permission from PCBrentals/Ben’s Beach Homes, all parties must have an adult 25 years or older that will stay at the home the entire reservation. Any parties that do not have an adult at least 25 years of age will be asked to leave without any refund, unless prior approval!

o Renters agree to abide by the maximum numbers of guests in the homes they have reserved, unless guest has management’s approval. We will remove your party from the home if we find you are in violation of this policy.

o Guests understand that if any locked owner’s closet has been opened, they will be charged a minimum of $300 (these are owner’s closets and are private).

o If you have received prior permission for your pet(s) to stay at the beach house, you must:

1. Pick up after your pet(s). You must dispose of your pet’s waste properly (do not put the waste inside cans without proper bagging). Make sure that all waste is properly bagged in a plastic bag and sealed. We will charge a minimum of $100 if anyone on our staff has to clean up after your pet – we are very serious about this! At all times please keep pets off of all furniture. Guests agree to never hold PCB rentals/Ben’s beach homes or owners responsible for damages/liabilities that could occur to pet or pets while at the beach house, or that could occur to other individuals as a result of having pet’s on said premises. Guests are also responsible for cleaning up excess hair that is left inside home.

o No firearms! No firearms!

o We will give you the right to occupy unit per agreement. b) We will provide and maintain appliances. We will not be liable for interruption of these services that is beyond our control. We will also not be responsible for interruption electricity, water, or gas beyond our control. Please promptly notify us of any problems. You may not end this agreement because of these interruptions.

o If using an international credit card and we have to refund you, we will not reimburse you for any exchange rate differences from other countries.

o Unfortunately we are not held responsible for any noise pollution including construction outside the perimeter of the property.

o It is the guest’s job to call us upon check-in and let us know if there is anything that needs attention. We want your stay to be great, but we also will admit sometimes there may be something that needs further attention. Please let us know within 24 hours of check-in so that we may fix the issue. Please do not fix the issue yourself and then complain to us that you had to do it – we will respond as fast as reasonably possible to remedy the problem.

o If it is determined that there has been any damage to the property that is the responsibility of the guests, or caused by the guests – repairs may be made at any time during the renters stay. Renters may be asked to leave upon discovery of damages with no refund. This is solely the decision of management.

o In the event there are issues that guest and owner/management can’t agree on, then guest will agree to handle dispute through the process of arbitration and also agrees not to post negative reviews against property owner/management on any website.

o Maintenance and repair staff are allowed access to the property to maintain, repair or just observe the property. Almost always this will be between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM. (Staff will only observe the property for younger groups without adults 25 and up). If it is determined that the guests are not maintaining the level of cleanliness necessary, management can order a cleaning at the guest’s expense.

o Renters also agree and understand that they will be responsible for all costs rising from damages to the property that is the responsibility of the guests or caused by the guests that may interrupt the next guests stay and therefore result in loss of rental income to’s Beach Homes/Owner.

o Smoking is not permitted inside the home. Smoking outside is allowed, but please cleanup all cigarettes and ashes – the beach is not a huge ashtray! There will be a minimum charge of $300 if it is determined that you are smoking in the home. If housekeeping has to clean up any tobacco related items or it is known that you have smoked inside there will be charges. We are not playing!

o If your home has a pool/hot tub, do not use inside towels for hot tub or beach. Chlorine and salt water will ruin the towels.

o Please be sure to put the top back on the hot tub immediately after each use to insure the desired temperature. Do not allow anyone, big or small, to put weight on the hot tub cover.

o Please do not leave doors open while using air conditioning. This will cause the AC units to freeze up and ruin your stay. If damage results from AC unit freezing, guest could be liable for this cost.

o All garbage must be bagged and placed in the cans outside! All homes have provided trash cans outside for your convenience. After the cans are full you will be responsible for dealing with any excess garbage. We are very serious about this. Our house keepers cannot deal with a mountain of extra garbage. There will be a charge for any loose or excess garbage. This charge can be very high. Remember – PCB provides blue cans on the beach for your convenience – use them if you need them.

o Absolutely zero fires on the property.

0 We reserve the right to unilaterally and at our sole discretion change or cancel the reservation for any reason with refunds made accordingly, in the event this property becomes unavailable for rent. We agree to use best efforts to secure an equivalent rental property. If this is not possible, we reserves the right to cancel this reservation and return all monies to Guest(s).

o Please keep all inside furniture inside and all outside furniture outside.

o Be respectful of neighbors in the area and watch noise levels in the early morning or late night. Panama City Beach and Walton County have a noise ordinances that must be observed.

o Upon leaving please set AC on 77° in summer, and heat on 60° in winter.

o If you have had to obtain a key from the on premises lock box please remember to put the key back. There will be a $35 fee for any lost keys.

o All remotes for all electronic equipment must be placed back near the device it controls. It is not cleaner’s responsibility to search for these items. Replacing remotes for electronic equipment can be very costly.

o If you are worried about your stay being cancelled due to a declared weather emergency, please buy the trip insurance will cover such occurrences.

For Homes that have Pools/Hot Tubs

Pool/Hot Tub rules – Very Important!

o We really want everyone to have a great time and expect normal cleanup after each family, but we have had some problems with guests not following some of the pool/hot tub rules. There are a few very important rules that must be followed:

o Guests must shower off before entering pool/tub if sandy or wearing sunscreens.

o Children must be watched at all times!

o Feet should be rinsed or wiped thoroughly before entering the pool/hot tub.

o Children must wear swim diapers – no nude or regular diapers – period!

o Please secure cover after each use to preserve constant temperature for hot tubs.

o Absolutely no pets in the pool/hot tub.

o Absolutely no food, chewing gum or drinks consumed while in the pool or hot tub.

o No climbing or sitting on hot tub cover – it will break! Cost is a minimum of $475.

o No diving of any kind in pool/hot tub. You will be kicked out. We are not playing around!

o And please – no glass in or near the pool/hot tub. Please buy cans – much safer for everyone.

Please understand – it costs us a minimum of $150 for a complete water change (much more for a pool – Minimum of $575!). If the hot tub/pool is dirty “beyond” a regular cleaning, this cost will be your responsibility.

We do our very best to deliver you with a clean, usable, mechanically sound pool/hot tub, but some situations are out of our control. If we are unable to provide you with use of the pool/hot tub, guest agrees we will refund a maximum of $100 for a nonworking hot tub and $150 for a nonworking pool. These amounts are prorated for stays shorter than 7 days.

Also – if the hot tub/pool is not clean when you check in, it is your responsibility to inform us at the beginning of your stay – not at the end! No exceptions! If the premises appears dirty or damaged upon check-in, guests shall inform PCBrentals/Ben’s Beach Homes immediately!

Renters agree to pay for any and all damages/repairs that occur during their stay that they are responsible for or they have caused.

As with the pool/hot tub, if there is anything you notice that is damaged you need to let us know at the beginning of your stay, Not at the End.

Checkout Procedures for all Properties
Please Print and Take with You!

o Collect and Bag ALL trash inside and outside of property. Remember, once you fill the outside trash cans, it is your responsibility to deal with the extra garbage. All garbage must be bagged!

o All dishes, cups, glasses of any kind must be gathered in kitchen. Please start a load of dishes before you leave. It is appreciated if you wash all dishes.

o If kitchen is very messy, please take a moment to clean excessive mess.

o Please set AC to 77° in warm months and 60° in cold months.

o Place remotes for TV’s and other electronics on or near the TV/device they control. Lost remotes can be very expensive!

o Remove all food, beverages, and miscellaneous items from refrigerator. Please throw them out or take them with you. You can leave unopened beer and wine (thanks!). J

o Please lock doors behind you and place lockbox key back in lockbox if your home has a lockbox. There is a fee of $35 for lost keys.

o Failure to comply with the procedures listed above can result in very costly charges for your group. Please do your part to help us provide a great stay for the next guest!

o If you brought a pet(s) please make sure to clean up after your pet. Food bowls, pet waste, and excess hair is YOUR responsibility.

We appreciate you choosing to stay with us, and we hope to have you back!